Is a Walking Treadmill Really Life-changing?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried a lot of different things to lose weight. You may have even tried a walking treadmill. But is a walking treadmill really life-changing? Today we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of using a walking treadmill to lose weight and improve your health. We’ll also share some tips on how to get the most out of your workout. So let’s get started!

Purchase after Research and Deliberation

Before purchasing, do some research to figure out which brand suits your needs and condition from all of those regular, foldable or compact walking treadmill on the market. It’s important to check all the options and features that are suitable for your needs. Doing research will help you make an informed decision on which best walking treadmill meets your particular requirements. From finding out information on the specifications of the machine, to researching any reviews available, looking into suitable payment options or warranties that accompany the purchase – equipping yourself with knowledge beforehand always gives you confidence in spending money on the right product for you.

The Beginning is Tough

You may be really worried about the commitment and time it would take to achieve your goal. Set your goals higher gradually and keep yourself motivated so that you can see the result in long term. We all know the decision to stick with it and start putting in the work at first definitely wasn’t easy.

The first few weeks may make you felt overwhelming, like an uphill battle that could never win. However, as you powered through, results will start showing- even small ones – which will give you the push to continue. We can’t deny there were days where we all wanted to quit but let’s believe that eventually those feelings will subside and our commitment will be restored. You’ll be relieved and feel all of those tough moments were so worth it when looking back.

Physical and Mental Changes

After months of hard work, many users were proud to say that they successfully achieved the goal of losing weight and greatly improving both physical and mental health. Exercising regularly and following a balanced diet made a major difference in life; not only did they lose weight, but their energy levels increased significantly and they felt happier overall.

The most obvious advantages of walking on a home treadmill are weight lost and stronger body. You may have a bit of soreness in my lower back and in your shoulders during the first couple of weeks of using the standing desk and treadmill. It’s totally okay because your body has not accustomed to standing for such long durations of time. But, after about 2 weeks, you will see the discomfort in lower back and shoulders completely gone away, and most likely never came back. Your back will gradually get stronger, so did my core, because you’re keeping it engaged while walking.

Regular exercising propelled people to be more active throughout the day, even allowing them to enjoy activities hadn’t participated in for a long time due to lack of energy. The immense surge in happiness will be the biggest reward for all the efforts put into achieving this goal; it’s definitely life-changing if you pass the hardest beginner period and continue doing it!


Exercising is an important aspect of keeping your body healthy, and walking treadmills offer the perfect opportunity to get in a good workout while you’re at home without disturbing your neighbors. With adjustable speeds, many walking treadmills help avoid boredom and keep you motivated as you up the intensity steadily. They are also low impact exercise, reducing stress on your joints as you move. And if you’re considering adding one to your home gym, it’s definitely recommended taking the jump – it’s worth every penny! With its many benefits, walking treadmills provide not just an effective form of exercise, but an motivation to a happier life.



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